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I've been photographing cars now for years and everything to date has been either for private clients who own nice cars and want photos or for my personal Porsche photography project.

Photographing a car for a magazine is very different than getting a few nicely posed exterior shots and the first shoot that I did for a car magazine I nearly failed with as I’d rushed ahead without being given a brief and so missed out on a few important pointers.

What I’d not taken into consideration was not only did I need good exterior shots but a lot of other details which I’d not really been used to capturing unless I was doing a shoot of a certain item in the interior of a car.

This VW Beetle Cabrio has some cool details which you wouldn't normally notice at first glance so for the magazine feature it was important to make sure that I caught these. If you have a look at the images below, you'll see what I mean and hopefully get an understanding of what is required for an automotive magazine shoot.

This feature was shot for Hayburner Magazine a cool Aircooled Volkswagen magazine that you only pay towards the postage to get.

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