Photographing Building Sites

The first thing that you must consider about photographing on a building site is the safety of you and the other people around you. PPE (Personal Protective Equipement) is a must when working on any building site or even in a yard where vehicles are moving that age old phrase we were given at school about cycling comes into play 'be safe, be seen'.

Hard hat, reflective jacket and steel toecap boots are a must at all times, even when you don't think you will need them. Once i was working on a site that was almost complete and as i got to the top of a latter i banged the top of my hardhat on a beam above me that i hadn't seen, it was a two storey fall had i knocked myself out so it just shows you that safety at all times is so important, we want to do a good job but must consider safety first.

It's great seeing a building progress from a hole in the ground to a multi storey building and then seeing the cables, plumbing and interior being put inside.

This building site in Hackney is a great example above you can see the site being dug out and then the concrete structure in place ready to be fitted out inside.

Building site photography gives my clients a great protfolio of the progress of the work on each site and it means that their clients can also see progress from anywhere in the world and get an idea of what stage the build is at. Contact me Here if you are interested in building site photography.

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