Photographing Mike Wilds

I’ve known Mike for a few years now, but had only managed to catch a quick hello in passing at race circuits while he has been busy teaching, practicing or racing.

I think I first met Mike at Spa when I was there for a ‘Spa Weekend’ with the London 964 Owners, I was taking photos on the haripin at the end of the start / finish straight (La Source) when Mike clipped in close grinning at me staring straight into the camera.

When Jack (Number27) told me that he was going to do an interview with Mike, I asked if I could tag along to help and grab some photos at the same time. It was a fantastic day weather-wise, so we were able to get some great film, but also some photos of Mike and his cars. Jack did a fantastic job interviewing Mike while I listened. Hearing him talking about his career was simply amazing, but sadly Jack needed to keep the film concise, I could have happily listened to Mike talking all day long.

Mike has had a great and varied career as a racing driver, He says he wasn’t all that good in Formula 1, but I’m sure you’ll agree you would have to be pretty damn good even to be considered for it, He certainly did something right looking at all the trophies in his office. He now teaches performance driving to those that would like to improve their driving skills on and off track.

What Mike is upto now :

More about Mike's career:

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