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Photography Prices UK

Simple Product Photography

Products photographed against a white or black background and then cutout onto a transparent or solid white / black background depending on your website or design requirements.

Photography Prices United Kingdom

Technical Product Photos

Product photography that is a bit more creative with backgrounds photoshopped in or products suspended in a certain way to make them appear to be floating with reflections.

Construction Photography Prices UK

Building Project Photography

I come to site and photograph the progress of your building project or projects either as a one off or ongoing as the project progresses.

Interior Photography Prices UK

Finished Buildings or Interiors

Photos of either the entire finished building project or individual rooms in a property like kitchen or bathroom installations.

Business Portrait Photography Prices UK

Business Portraits

I can come to your workplace and setup a mobile studio in a conference room or large office to photograph your staff with minimal disruption.

Car Photography Prices UK

Automotive Photography

I photograph cars for individuals who just love their own cars or automotive service providers, advertising companies, manufacturers or car magazines.

Simple Product Photography

Products photographed on a white or black background, the background is then removed in photoshop with the option of the image being saved with no background or with a white or black background added back in. This process makes sure that your product appears as crisp as possible.

1 Photo = £50

1-5 Photos = £30 each

6+Photos = £28 each

(please contact me for an accurate quote)

Technical Product Photos

Product photography to the next level with the product floating in mid-air or arranged and photographed in a more artistic way. There are a lot of options possible, too many to give prices for so it is best to either email or call me so that I can give you a better idea of price.


Things that will affect the price :


Size of the product.

The weight of the product if it needs to be suspended.

How the product needs to be arranged.

Amount of post product required.

Sometimes it is better for me to come to you on a half day or daily rate to work alongside your designer.

Building Project Photography

Building project photography depends on access to the site, how far it is from my base location in Woking and how much work / how many sites I need to cover in a day. Usually 1-2 photos per room



From as little as £200 for 1 site close to Woking.


Please contact me for details. 


Finished Building Interiors

Interiors or finished building photography depends on location and access to the property. A number of photos per room including detail shots of certain features.


Prices from £200 for one room locally

Business Portraits

Business Portraits are done on my standard commercial photography rate of :


Half Day = £350

Full Day = £600


Typically this would be 2.5 hours and 5 hours on site with the rest of the time editing the images.

Automotive Photography

Automotive photography depends on the shoot, what it will be used for, what the vehicle is, time of day or night and location. 

Starting from as little as £200 per car.

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