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Design Work for Madeline Yale Preston

Madeline Preston contacted me and asked me to create and build a website for her, As a friend I couldn't say no despite feeling slightly nervous! My main role is photographer and Madeline is a specialist in photographic art and hates having her photo taken! It was such a pleasure to work with Madeline and we both enjoyed collaborating on the design of her logo, building the website and producing the photographic imagery.

Logo Design - Working with Madeline to find a font that worked for both elements of the logo and the wording under her name that took a number of edits before it was perfect.

Website Design - There was a vast amount of information to be added to the website, many of her articles needed a good looking template so that we could quickly add the text.

Photography - I had a number of books to photograph and it was decided that we would actually photograph the pages of the articles to create a visual reference as well as the written text on the website. The covers to the publications where also photographed as well as portrait shots of Madeline working and talking about some of the artworks.

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