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Privacy Policy

This is really boring so I will summerise in this first bit for you. The only reason I have your information is that you contacted me via my website.


The data I collect about you is the following:



Email Address

Location in the World

Phone number


There is a checkbox below the form that states 'I consent to be sent marketing emails and offers' it is ticked as 'No' by default. If you selected 'Yes' you did so with the understanding that you could be sent offers and marketing emails by me. However, under the new GDPR rules, you have the right to be forgotten, too many before these rules were spelt out again you had the right to unsubscribe anyway but there you go.


The only other information that I will retain are any images that I take of you in the course of any work that we do together images that I take of you, you have already consented to me taking these, and can be used by me to market my business. 


You have the right to be forgotten, if you would like me to delete all of the information that I hold on you please email me 

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