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Design Work for Rachel Davis

Rachel approached me needing a website that could be used to sell her work online so needed to look professional, have a shop that people could purchase items from over the web and that she could manage and update herself. 


I suggested as part of this work that we come up with a logo that she could use on her site but also for business cards and other media as well. 


After some discussion she explained that she would like a type writer style font for her logo so I came up with a few designs around this concept which were presented to Rachel with her choosing the last one which contained a portion of one of her artworks. 


After designing the logo I moved onto the website using a template that was already available and then set about stripping everything from it and starting using the bare shell as a starting block for Rachel's site. It needed to be good looking and present her artwork in a way that showed off the quality of her work.


Some of the products were shot in house as good quality imagery was missing for some of her newer works. 

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