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Design Work for RSR Porsche Specialist

When RSR Porsche approached me to design and build a website for them I was handed a very old red yellow and black sticker and asked if I could recreate it. A few hours later they had a high resolution recreation of that original artwork created sometime in the 80's. 


Continuing the theme throughout the website using the same colours gave me quite a task as I needed to try and make sure that although it matched the colour scheme it didn't look too dated. Being web based, the client was able to log in and provide alot of the text for the site and I was able to give training on how to make various changes. 


As this is a new start for an existing business it needed to be recognisable to the existing customer base but also appeal to new customers as well. 


The design for the business cards (one for each staff member) followed the same design concept with a single large logo on one side of the card and a smaller one with the details on the other side. The client requested the logo be round for the banner with a simple black on white design for the font.


I was also asked to setup their social media accounts which I also keep a hand in maintaining as well as advising on how to manage their social media and adding content during quiet times. 


The photography for the site came from some oil and dust covered photographs that were in the workshop and new images that I shot as well, The older images where stripped from there grubby frames, scanned, the glass and frames where then cleaned, reassembeled and presented to the client.

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